Robert Shaye

Robert Shaye, or Guildmaster Robert Shaye is the local public face of the Industrial Guilds in Orange.


Robert Shaye is a tradesman and metalworker from before the Virus. He and his father, a heavily involved unionist, both survived the Virus, and Shaye’s father was also key in helping create the Industrial Guilds.

Shay, now in his fifties has lost none of his vigour of youth, and while he can no longer work a full hard day’s labour, he still plies his trade on occasion, focusing more on the organisation of the workers in Orange for the major Guilds.

In day to day workings, Shaye is a gruff and in-personable man. He is married with one son and generally reinforces the gap between “True Industrials” and all others. He sees the power that comes with trade knowledge and is keen to keep that strength within his Group to look after those he holds dear in his ideals.

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Robert Shaye