Robert Kulzer

The Sheriff of Orange

Robert kulzer

Robert is a tall heavy set man with a cautious but warming demeanor. He dresses in heavy work clothes but is known to wear armour if working on something specific. Otherwise he wears a kevlar vest. He also wears a sheriff’s hat. He favours a pair of dark aviators.

Robert is not a violent man by nature, in fact quite the opposite. Because of this he usually tries to use he size to intimidate and talk down any trouble, and if things get nasty he has some non lethal responses. First is a small led rod that he keeps in a loop on his equipment belt. This adds a hefty weight to the already mighty punch that he can deliver. The second is his side arm, a rock salt loaded double barrelled sawn off shotgun. Very few outsiders know that it is non lethal and the sight of it aimed at them usually calms the situation.
However, if things do get nasty, then Robert responds with full and lethal force. He has tungsten tipped AP Rhino rounds built into shotgun shells with a heavy powder load. These rounds cut through armour and devastate the flesh behind. They fit either into his side arm, but are usually mounted in a well maintained Spaz 12 automatic shotgun slung over his back.

When dealing with anyone, they are treated fair, but his tolerance for trouble is severely shortened around outsiders, particularly ganger or mercenary types.

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Robert Kulzer