RUIN is set in the Post Apocalyptic city of New York. Thirty years ago a virus wiped out 98% of the human race, and continues to affect the new born, so the remnants of humanity live in not your typical wasteland, but a place overgrown and reclaimed by nature. Even if at times this nature is horrifically mutated by The Virus.


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In the year 2052 an unknown source of the virus simply known as GX-Alpha was released into the general population. The Virus has a 100% infection rate, an incubation period of approximately 25 days, during most of which the carrier is infectious, and from first symptoms to death takes approximately 20 hours. Best guess is that it was released in at least two major international airports, possibly more, from there it spread across the globe. Patient Zero was never identified as thousands started to die almost simultaneously. Over the next 3 months, 95% of the world died.
This three months was called the Time of Chaos, these months were filled with anarchy and bloodshed. Suspected ill were shot by those who thought they could hide. Martial law was declared and civil unrest resisted, only to see the military and its infrastructure collapse. The governments disintegrated and with it nations and finally society.
In the weeks that followed, those who survived, The Immune, lived in a world full of disease and rot. Enclaves were established and a strange power of Unity came over those who were left. Some spent months thinking they were the only person left in the world. The rotting carcasses of the millions were piled and burned, resources were gathered and knowledge secured. Over time these survivors have managed to start to rebuild a new world. But there are those who do not accept this unity, and seek to rule by tyranny and force.
The Immune, which is a misnomer are a rare few for whom they are able to fight off the virus, but even those have seen the changes in themselves. Progeria (premature ageing) is one, others develop beneficial results. Others still become horrible mutants.
The Immune are not actually immune, but have survived infection. For their children, there is a higher survival rate. Approximately 20% of all children born to the Immune manifest their own immunity and survive, approximately 1% of those mutate horribly, the rest die within 30 days.
It is now 2089.

The New World

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RUIN is set in what used to be the north eastern United States, mainly around the RUIN of New York City. Survivors from cities as far away as Washington DC and even further have heard of the new civilisation and have come. Now nearly two million people live around the old city, but very few live within it.
Baltimore, Philadelphia all have small populations, all of varying degrees of civilisations, but most have come to the Big Apple.
Around this congregation of humanity a new civilisation has formed. People gather to trade and for the security of a group. They defend themselves against the slavers and raiders that come in from the Wilds, and try to find the treasures of the Old World and rebuild the society that has yet to fall into lost memory.
There are many around today who remember the Old World, who remember the time of The Virus and the chaos that came after.

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